Who We Are

Moving to Dubai has made me discover interesting things and explore breathtaking beaches, but it made me realize the complete absence of a swimwear online store — one that would cover my needs as a customer in terms of the trends, fitting, and quality. Most of the swimwear I’ve bought online, after receiving the order, I found out that the quality wasn’t that great or even the design wasn’t exactly what I was expecting for. That started to create a gap in my wardrobe, as I needed new pieces for different plans (such as beach clubs days with friends or just to chill by the pool on my own)… which happens almost weekly!

At this point, I’ve asked a few people and found that many more had the exact same situation, wherein they weren’t satisfied with the quality of the swimwears they received in their orders. So, I had the idea of creating an online swimwear store to cover all these needs— with designs that follow the latest social media trends and achieves only the best quality control. And so it happened… after a few months, I found myself designing pieces and building what would be the project of my dreams, Desert Angels.

Our mission goes deep as the sea and our vision as clear as the waters. Desert Angels takes up the heat to a higher degree with the hottest trends and styles.


Desert Angels aims to provide high quality, stylish, and comfortable women’s swimwear in Dubai. We offer a collection that is unparalleled to anywhere else in the online market. By providing swimwear made of the highest quality fabric and designed with trendy colours and patterns, we help women be comfortable in their own skin by loving what’s on their skin! Our online store is made to be convenient and we aim to give our customers more than 100% satisfaction.


Our vision is to always provide fashionable and unique swimwear for spirited women who seek enthralling water adventures. Just as how we view the body as a celebration of our distinct selves, it is our vision to transform the swimwear industry by infusing soul and flavour. Our goal is to become the most recognisable swimwear brand in Dubai and one of the leading high-quality swimwear brands in the rest of the world.


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